Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Baby Is Getting SO Big!

I can't believe that Bella is going to be seven months old in a few days! Time is moving TOO quickly! We are really excited about celebrating our first Christmas with her. The past few Christmas holidays have been very painful for us and we are so thankful that God blessed us at last with our precious Isabella.

Last week her two front teeth started to come through...they are almost completely through now. She had a rough two days where she was really whiny and in obvious discomfort. We felt so awful. You do everything you can, but there isn't much you can do. I hate hearing/seeing her cry!

Speaking of hearing and seeing her cry: She is sleeping through the night, but I had to let her cry. The first night she cried for about half an hour. the next night was less and that was it. I resisted this "method" as long as I could, but nothing else was working. I purchased and read every sleep book out there. You would think these "experts" would have come up with something better in all these years, but it is all the same old thing: you either put up with it (of course trying a million and one comforting techniques) or let them cry it out! I am just thankful that she didn't cry uncontrollably or very much because it is too hard to deal with that. My heart races and I just want to run in there are pick her up.

I bought her the CUTEST Thanksgiving outfit...a little pricey, but I couldn't resist. I will post pics after Thanksgiving. The pictures in this post are her Christmas outfits. One for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas Day.

I hate discussing this on this blog, however, it is positive news from a negative ordeal. You all know that Orson is in jail. They recovered $300k+ from him and it is to go to the victims. However, his ex-wife, Christen Brown, was fighting for the money...claiming it should go to her for alimony and child support. The judge ruled against her. Unfortunately, she appealed it. We just found out on Tuesday night that her appeal was denied and that is the end of the road for her. The money should be out to the victims by Christmas. Of course, it is not enough to cover all that he owes to the victims, so we will all have a judgement against him.

Financially, this money could not come soon enough! We are really sinking since I am not working this year. We got behind last month and now we are constantly chasing our tails. Every paycheck of Joe's is spent before it comes!

Well, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!